In order to recruit the best talent, today’s employers cannot rely solely on the strength of a good job post and description. The employer’s brand also plays a significant role in how job seeker perceive your vacancy. The good news is we’ve got you covered. This tutorial will make sure you put your best foot forward on when posting a job with us. 

Setting a Company Logo:

1. To start, you’ll need to log into your employer account. Sign into your employer dashboard here. If you don’t have an account yet, get started here. It’s fast and FREE!
2. Immediately apply your brand to your account by uploading a logo. In the top right corner of the employer dashboard, locate “Click Here to add a Logo”.
3. Upload your logo in the Company Logo field. Note: images formatted to the 230×175 pixel specification are ideal, but not necessary.

Profile Content:

1. In addition to a company logo, including a description of your company will also improve the presentation of your brand. Navigate to My Account -> Companies and click the blue pencil icon to edit.
2. Within the Description field, enter the details of your company.
3. Please note that this field is HTML enabled. We encourage you to add photos, embed videos, and link to your company page.

Additional Companies / Brands:

1. You may wish to post jobs under different brands from within your single employer dashboard. This may be desirable for recruiters who is hiring for more than one department/division within their company.
2. To add additional companies within your employer dashboard, navigate to My Account -> Companies and click Add Company + (in the top-right corner). You’ll notice that a company already exists there by default.
3. Enter the details of the additional company.
4. The next time you Post a Job, you’ll have the option to choose which company the job gets posted under.