What the Outdoors Can Teach You About Your Career. Mother Nature is a source of infinite wisdom. Here’s how it applies to your career!

21. People who master the job hunt build up the psychological know-how to get through a sometimes soul-crushing process. http://bit.ly/1l7Zygn

22. When it comes to searching for open positions online, big job boards aren’t the answer anymore. http://bit.ly/1iZ4BZ4

23. The first step after getting laid off: Mourn the loss and move on. http://bit.ly/Q0MdrR

24. Love the job you have? Good—keep looking at other jobs anyway. http://bit.ly/1s2f5hI

25. Fun fact: Hiring managers couldn’t care less where you went to college.http://bit.ly/1jqvbyN

26. A tip for getting a job before graduation: Have a resume or cover letter party with your friends. http://bit.ly/1kHB6lK

27. Mistaking a recruiter as your career confidante can mean the difference between getting a position and hitting a dead end. http://bit.ly/1ipi1BH

28. To see which startups have recently raised money (and, um, will be hiring ASAP), follow @vcdeals. http://bit.ly/1s2g4hT

29. To avoid bias in your job hunt, hold off on reading company reviews until you snag an interview. http://bit.ly/1kIKlxv

30. Sending in your resume on Monday can up your chances of landing the job.http://bit.ly/1jqvGJg