Finding the perfect candidate is easy with the tools built into your employer dashboard. Let’s review how these tools can assist in your talent search. Please note that these features are only available if you select options #1 or #3 when posting your job.

Applicant Preview: See a high-level summary of your applicant by expanding their preview pane. You may also wish to open more than one candidate at a time, or even open all panes. From the expanded preview pane, users have the option to download the applicant’s resume, view their profile, or view their full application (cover letter and screening questions).

Shortlisting & Ratings: Users are free to apply a star rating or a shortlisted/rejected status to any of the applicants.

  • Once you’ve shortlisted an applicant, use the “Shortlisted” filter to more thoroughly consider who may be the best fit.
  • Rejecting a candidate will present you with the option to send a rejection email. If you click Notify, the applicant will receive the following email:

Hello Clark Lane,

Thank you for your application to Associate Manager, Marketing with Torrent Swimwear.

After careful consideration we regret to inform you that you have not been selected for this position.

We appreciate your time and effort spent in completing and submitting an application for our review. We will consider you for future opportunities as they become available. Please ensure your profile is up to date so that we are able to contact you if additional opportunities come up.

We invite you to continue checking Start Here Okanagan regularly.

Applicant’s Recent Activity: When viewing the full version of a candidate’s application, you can also review your interactions with the applicant by looking at their Recent Activity. Click the + sign to add personal notes to the applicant’s file.